About Us

Providing High-Quality Medical Wear Nationwide

For more than nine years, TBG Uniforms Store has been supplying garments for medical students, nurses, and ancillary personnel. We are a family-oriented business that’s focused on satisfying our customers by offering them the uniform they need at the best possible quality.

Reasonable Prices

When it comes to price, TBG Uniform Store is unparalleled. We have convenient prices to meet the budgets of our customers.


While we have a limited supply of products for students and nurses, we are currently working to increase our stock based on the requests of our customers. Our ability to adjust to these demands helps ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We bestow excellent customer service in an underserved area in Brooklyn, NY. Our store is open seven days a week so we can provide you the uniform you need.

Reach Out

If you have questions about our company, products, and shipping options, get in touch today. Our team wants you to be completely happy with your shopping experience so that you will continue to purchase from us for many years to come!